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Mikasa Ackerman Eyes Desk Pad, Anime Mousepad, Kawaii Mouse Mat, Manga Desk Mat

Mikasa Ackerman Eyes Desk Pad, Anime Mousepad, Kawaii Mouse Mat, Manga Desk Mat

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Transform your workspace with our Mikasa Ackerman Eyes Desk Pad, the ultimate anime mousepad for fans of Attack on Titan. This manga decor piece features a kawaii desk mat design showcasing Mikasa Ackerman's striking eyes, adding a touch of anime charm to your desk setup. Elevate your workspace with this unique anime eyes mat that combines style, functionality, and the captivating world of Attack on Titan.

Our desk mats are digitally printed with OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT certificated antiallergenic inks.

It has a fabric surface with 1250gr (2.75lbs) weight per 1 square meter. It has nonslip dot PVC back-sole.

We offer you a total of 5 different size option as:

XXLARGE- 19.6"x39.2" (50 x 100 cm)
XLARGE - 19.6"x35.3" (50 x 90 cm)
LARGE - 15.7"x35.3" (40 x 90 cm)
MEDIUM- 13.7"x27.5" (35 x 70 cm)
SMALL - 11.8"x23.6" (30 x 60 cm)

At the listing pictures, you can see the size comparisons for the desk mat.
Please note that the listing video is just a demonstration of the quality of our mats.

There is 5% size tolerance which is occurred because of the stitching. Also, there may be a small color tolerance between the demonstrated desk mat and real one. This is beacuase the color of the mat at the listing may change monitor to monitor that is screened. As an example, the color may vary for the phone and the computer monitor. It is related to the technical features of the monitor.

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