How We Make our Rugs

Our production generally consists of 5 stages. These are briefly:

a- To produce the semi-finished product by combining the raw materials.

b- Graphic design

c- Transfer of the design to the upper surface of the semi-finished product.

d- Product sizing and garment works

e- Quality control and packaging

  • To produce the semi-finished product by combining the raw materials.

- The raw material of our product is polyester, cotton and inner foam.

- Our product consists of 3 layers.

- The bottom layer consists mixture of cotton and polyester material. There is an inner foam in the middle layer. On the top layer, there is a surface consisting of white polyester threads.

- These three raw materials are combined (sewed together) completely by hand.

- Thus, the semi-finished product occurs by consisting of a non-slip base at the bottom, inner foam which provides softness at the middle and white polyester threads at the top.

- The fact that the upper surface of semi-finished product being white and polyester is to allow printing the desired design on it. The second stage of our production is the designing of the image to be printed on the upper surface of the carpet.


  • Graphic Design

- Our graphic design team designs images suitable for high resolution printing by using various software according to the needs of the market and our customers.

- The designed images are printed on a special paper called "transfer paper", which leaves the ink on the surface applied at a certain temperature by using a printing machine.

- Note: All inks used at this stage have certificates indicating that they are suitable for health.

- Thus, the digital image designed in the computer environment can be transformed into a physical form and applied to the white upper surface of the semi-finished product that emerged in the first stage.

  • Transfer of the design to the upper surface of the semi-finished product.
- The semi-finished product and the transfer paper manufactured at the 1st and 2nd Stages are placed on top of each other and compressed at a certain temperature (200 Celcius).
- Thus, the ink of the image held on the special transfer paper flows to the threads on the white surface of the semi-finished product.
- At the end of this process, the digitally designed image is transferred to the semi-finished product.
  • Product sizing and garment works
At this stage, sizing and edge stitching of the printed semi-finished product is done.
The tailor sews the edges of the carpet and ensures that the threads of the carpet are not removed.
This stage is very important. Edge stitching ensures that the carpet is durable and does not fall apart as you use it
  • Quality control and packaging

- This stage is the last stage. At this stage, image on the rug, edge stitching and cleaning are checked.

- If there is dust or dirt on the product from the environment, it is cleaned.

- If there is a problem with the image or the side seam; It is sent back to the relevant unit for rectification. If it is a problem that the relevant unit cannot fix, it is labeled as a defect and put into storage, and a report is given to the relevant units for the resumption of production.

- The product that passes the quality control is packaged and delivered to the end user.


The details of the production process of our product that we sell are explained above. Each stage is handmade. In order for these stages to take place, at least 5 people must work together and in harmony.