The Secret Hero of Home Decoration – 10 Different Style of Floor Area Rugs

Floor Area Rugs are one of the most important products that make the house feel like a home, making it feel like something is missing when not placed in the house. Although hand-made carpets, which are used in every room and have the power to give the house a completely different atmosphere, are replaced by printed floor area rugs that offer more spaciousness, it is quite difficult to choose between the two. We have compiled different and beautiful rug models for you.

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Irregular Shaped Area Rugs

Lotus Flower Shaped Rug

If you have created your own space in front of the window or in your reading corner, a Lotus flower shaped area rug that will reflect you well will add a bohemian atmosphere to the environment.

You can find more irregular shaped area rugs from our irregular shaped rugs collection.

Keep Off Rugs

Virgil Abloh Ikea Keep Off Rug

Create a modern atmosphere in your home with Keep Off carpets designed by Virgil Abloh, which IKEA offers for sale in limited collection. You can find our HomeArtStore Keep Off Rug Collection which has different colors and sizes.
As an example, pink keep off rug will be best fit to your girlfriend’s room. It can be a unique gift!

Gaming Room Rugs

Gaming Room Rugs- Legend of Zelda

If you are looking for an answer to the question of what your dream gaming room should be like, you are in the right place.

The best touch to the gamer's room is with the gaming rugs. It is unique to decorate a gamer room with an area rug which is printed with the cover photo or the drawing of the character of your favorite game. The Legend of Zelda symbol rug is one of the best examples to make your gamer room unique!

Super Mario Star Rug

Also, Irregular Shaped Gaming Rugs such as Super Mario’s Star rug is a special gaming decor for a gamer room! You can find the best gaming mats in our gaming room rugs collection.

Hypebeast Rugs

Hypebeast Kaws Rug

You can adapt street fashion to your home with carpets with patterns such as Sneakerhead, KAWS, Bape Shark. KAWS carpets, which have different and unique designs, are at HomeArtStore with special discounts for you!

Air Jordan Sneaker Rug

While talking about street fashion, it is impossible not to mention Air Jordan! Air Jordan Sneaker shaped rug  will be one of the best fit to a hypebeast room.

Takashi Murakami Rug

And also, you can find special design of Takashi Murakami Rainbow Rug as a special offer. Don't forget that you have the opportunity to give your loved ones a unique gift by personalizing these carpets! Take action immediately without thinking too much. Check our Hypebeast Rugs Collection!

Anime Rugs

As we all know, room decoration made of anime characters is indispensable for many anime fans. Even if you are not an anime fan, you definitely have at least one friend around you who is anime fan and is interested in the items or toys of that anime. Here we provide you the best anime related decoration items and gifts.

Naruto Carpet

For example, what kind of gift would a doormat in the shape of Uzamaki Naruto be for an anime fan? or a decorative rug in the shape of Uchiha Itachi?

Uchiha Itachi Rug

Let's not forget One Piece fans. We also have a rug in the shape of Luffy's Gear 5 form for them!

Luffy Gear 5 Decor

You can find all of the area rugs related with anime in our Anime Rugs collection. Take a ride and enjoy!

Laundry Rugs

If you want a nostalgic touch to your home, retro style laundry room rugs will take you back to the past. You can decorate your laundry room with different colorful "wash, clean and dry" carpets. If you have such a desire, you should definitely take a look at our laundry room carpet collection!

Retro Laundry Rug

Living Room & Bedroom Rugs

The best decorative product for living rooms, bedrooms and similar large areas is floor area rug. You can turn your large space into a transformative element by using area rugs.

You can find so many types of carpet models that will make your living room more spacious or decorative that you will be confused about which one to choose!

Nostalgic Horror VHS Case Rug

For example, if you are a fan of horror movies, you will love our rug compiled from VHS cases of nostalgic horror movies.

You can find this and many other living room and bedroom carpet models that will reflect your personality in your room here.

Kid’s Room & Nursery Rugs

Dinosaur Rug

When decorating a child's bedroom, there are many products that should be compatible with each other. Children room carpet is one of the most important elements that complement the decoration. At HomeArtStore we have a wide selection of rugs that are perfect for completing the look of a child's room.

Ideally, you want a bedroom rug that your child loves and that won't conflict with his ever-changing tastes as he grows into adolescence and then adulthood. What's more, it's crucial that your flooring can stand the test of time and the rigors of busy family life.

Superhero Logo Rug

As an example, superhero logo pattern rug is one of the bestsellers of HomeArtStore. The vibrant color, popular fantastic design makes it preferable from many nursery carpets. Or you can want to take a look at the dinosaur shaped rug for your baby room!

Runner Rugs

Hallway Runner Rug

Long rugs are called "runners" because they are placed in tight spaces with tons of traffic. Runners are several times longer than they are wide. These runner rugs are thin and look like they have been stretched in length to fit into a passageway. These long rectangular runner rugs are usually placed in specific places. They meet several needs, such as adding pleasing texture to an empty space and protecting the hardwood surface from heavy traffic, scratches, and spills.

Would you consider looking at our kitchen and entryway runner rugs? You can find the runner carpets we have compiled for you here!

Stair Rugs

Whether you're looking for traditional patterns or modern colors, HomeArtStore has what you're looking for. Some of our top-rated stair rugs are as follows:

Bohemian Stair Rug

The perfect choice for homeowners looking for a Boho style stair tread carpet, this durable, high-quality rug features deep, rich colors that add style and comfort to your stairs.

Scandinavian Stair Rug

Inspired by classic traditional designs, this beautiful stair rug is a perfect choice for your home with a unique design.

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